Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

2014 JTF/Louisville Slugger team!


JTF/Louisville Slugger
Conference 'C'

Clayton Shaw US Army
Michael Dochwat US Army
Marshall Woods US Army
Jason Hopper US Air Force
Jose Nunez US Army
Eric Querry US Army
Ryan Jones US Army
Thomas Fuss US Army
Dane Miller US Army
Lenny Myers US Air Force
Richie Adams US Army
Henry Collins US Army
Mario Coronado US Army
Jeff Scheel US Army
JR White US Army
Brandon Oden US Army
Vinnie Higgins US Army
George Martinez US Army
Kris Auger US Air Force
Chad Malin US Air Force
Chad Agustin US Army

Coach Danny Bond
Sponsors Dennis Turner Louisville Slugger

USSSA Conference Schedule:
22-23 March Affiliate Columbus, GA
04-06 April Louisville Slugger Sin City Classic Las Vegas, NV
02-04 May Worth Mike Turney / Memorial Shawnee, KS
23-25 May Peach State Classics / D2E Atlanta, GA
06-08 June Affiliate Dallas, TX
04-06 July 35th Busch/Pepsi Classics Little Rock, AR
18-20 July 15th Cincinnati Men’s Major Cinny, OH
14-17 Aug USSSA Military Worlds PCB

10 responses to “2014 JTF/Louisville Slugger team!”

  1. Sato50 says:

    Good luck boys from JTF HAWAII

  2. Greg Zayas says:

    Good luck fellas! Going to be fun having you guys in the conference. Thank you all for serving and for stepping up to play with the best of the best!

    See you all soon!

    Greg Z – 4 The Fallen

  3. brandon dunn says:

    Great group of guys good luck fellas

  4. Moody says:

    Nice to see the military represented at the conference level. Wish you guys the best of luck this year!

  5. Boobie says:

    Some talented dudes on this roster! Good luck fellas

  6. jose says:

    Go gettem fellas and represent the fam.

  7. FRANCHISE21 says:

    Good luck…….I am one of the many , that are pulling for you guys this year.

  8. BigTodd says:

    Would love to see this team at the dual in Seattle. Good luck guys, I’ll be paying attention.

  9. Jeff (softball25) says:

    Good luck to you guys. I have played with and around some of the guys when I was in Hawaii last yr, on this team, great bunch of guys.

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