Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

Major World Series countdown team #13 Classic Glass/Easton!


#13 Classic Glass/Easton – San Jose, California

Sponsor Tom Formosa Sr.
Sponsor Tommy Formosa Jr.

Sponsor Brett Helmer
Coach Charles Dyson
Coach Donald Hollingsworth Sr.

Major interview with Classic Glass/Easton's Charles Dyson/Manager:

What are your expectations for your team at the Major World Series?
That we compete very well against whatever competition we play. Give our usual one hundred and ten percent every pitch and every inning and we will be fine.

What players will be missing or injured for the Major World Series and how will that affect your lineup and defense?
No one as of now

Who is your star defensive player that fans should watch and why?
Tyler Esplanad in my opinion and of course I'm bias is one of the best center fielder's in the conference. You also want to keep your eyes on our third baseman Rego Nieto he's SICK!!!

What players are key to your teams offensive and defensive success at the Major World Series?
Offensively:Steven Lopez, Filip Washington, Tyson Steele, Cal Ford, D.Smith,&D.J. Hollingsworth Jr. and the rest of our players will have to be more consistent…Defensively our outfield that I've been bragging about all year will get a chance to shine on the big fields and show people what I already know.










1 Filip Washington 37 115-158 101 41 106 22 0.728
2 Jason Romero 33 96-136 77 20 80 14 0.706
3 Steven Lopez 37 111-158 88 14 62 13 0.703
4 Cal Ford 20 55-79 37 18 51 7 0.696
5 Donald Hollingsworth Jr. 37 110-158 81 16 72 25 0.696
6 Tyson Steele 37 96-148 78 35 116 10 0.649
7 Kenneth Paysinger Jr 30 66-103 47 20 58 10 0.641
8 Dameon Smith 37 102-161 85 11 53 9 0.634
9 Tommy Formosa 24 50-81 30 5 22 13 0.617
10 Brandon Traylor 30 43-72 29 9 31 6 0.597
11 Tyler Espland 37 88-148 60 15 58 7 0.595
12 anthony wood 4 10-17 7 5 11 1 0.588
13 Rego Nieto 30 59-101 32 4 24 5 0.584
14 Adam Alva 36 68-123 55 12 41 7 0.553




Classic Glass/Easton
Conference 'B' from California

Dameon Smith
Donald Hollingsworth Jr.
Steven Lopez
Jason Romero
Tyson Steele
Filip Washington
Tyler Espland
Adam Alva
Rego Nieto
Tommy Formosa Jr.
Kenneth Paysinger Jr.
Brandon Traylor

Sponsor Tom Formosa Sr.
Sponsor Tommy Formosa Jr.

Sponsor Brett Helmer
Coach Charles Dyson
Coach Donald Hollingsworth Sr.

Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, Nevada
Hall of Fame Dual – Kissimmee, Florida
Combat Major – Kent, Washington
Glen Burnie Major – Maryland
Battle of the West – Perris, California
DeMarini Classic – Portland, Oregon
ASA B Nationals – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
USSSA B World – Kissimmee, Florida

25 responses to “Major World Series countdown team #13 Classic Glass/Easton!”

  1. jay nig says:

    Interesting. Not sure this team is as good as last year. No Wheels, no M Souza. Couple of decent pickups. Guess I just expected a little more moving up to B.

  2. shawn p. says:

    You are kidding r u serious:Lose Wheeler pick up Tyson Steele??? Lose Souza pick up Stewey A tremendous upgrade…Dude u must be on dank!!! My bad probably a norcal hater who did not get chosen by them..U muat were not in Palm Springs they run ruled 4 the fallen and 4 of the guys were not there…I like what i saw…

  3. jay nig says:

    easy bro, having an opinion does not make me a “hater” which is a word used only by ghetto losers like yourself. thanks for the info though, no doubt Tyson and Stuey are studs, more concerned about washington, espland and neito, they seem average at best to me.

  4. JC3 says:

    Espland avg at best!?!? Lmfao.. You’re a fool jay!! Espland is one of the top 5 cf in the game!!!! Clearly you don’t know the game as well as u think.

  5. famous 18 says:

    Have to agree with you jc3. This dude must not have see ty ty play cf. Good looking team and will do pretty good in my opinion.

  6. The assassin says:

    Ty is one of the smoothest cats in the outfield no doubt.. Someone may be a little bitter they didn’t get asked back..

  7. J5 says:

    If I were to guess, I’d say that was the first time anyone has referred to Espland as an “average” center fielder haha. Classic lost a few good guys last year but made some good pick ups too. They’ll be fine this year. Good luck!

  8. jay nig says:

    no doubt he is a great cf but his stick is avg at best no? gotta play both sides in B.

  9. and what says:

    Stuey average? You’re a clown

  10. jay nig says:

    never said stuey was avg idiot, learn to read and comprehend what you see before you run you mouth. I said pickups as a whole are avg. I said in another comment that no doubt he is very good.

  11. jay nig says:

    and also jc if espland is one of the top 5 cf in game why is he playing B?

  12. shawn p. says:

    Jay nig have you ever played sports obviously not but you said they lost Souza and that Espland is avg.youre an idiot who truly does not know the game norcal hater who ever you are.The guys that have commented are all quality players so I will take there opinions over yours anyday..Good nite bitter hater…

  13. jay nig says:

    i am not bitter at all, respect your opinion, show me where i said espland is an average overall player. you cant. I said he is an average hitter. the point i keep making that you people can not comprehend is i think their pick ups as a whole are average for a team jumping to b in the confrence. but only time will tell.

  14. shawn p. says:

    Jay nig do u think Souza is average you keep sayin jumping to B fella in case you did not know they’re playing in the conference..Jumping tp B what an idiot. ?.

  15. jay nig says:

    no souza is good. i’m an idiot? they played C last year and now they are playing B in the conference. what would you call it douche?

  16. Tespland32 says:

    Thanks for the support peeps. I guess Jay just needs to come see some more games that’s all. Stayed tuned folks we’re gonna put on a show this year.

  17. jay nig says:

    no offense bro, was just giving my opinion. have a great year.

  18. Sprint/Tablet says:

    You just answered my question dude u r an idiot u said Souza is good and Espland is average must be a Valley thing …I saw this team and that dude Flip is the real deal dont know where they found him at but dude is lights out….And Rego is one of the best defensive third baseman around along with Jason Romero boy u need to do your homework because where i am sitting this team is more well rounded tgan last years team and they are very well rounded…

  19. huh? says:

    Rego average? Which conference teams have you played for? Average, you are an idiot.

  20. Tespland32 says:

    No offense taken Jay, that’s your opinion. I’ve just got more to prove. Flip is F-in legit, stewey basically doesn’t get out, Rego is sick. Me, dj and flip wont let a fly ball drop all year. We’ve made some legit upgrades to replace former quality players.

  21. jay nig says:

    flip may turn out to be a stud but at this point he is unproven, rego is very good at 3b but avg hitter, where does jro play? goodman is a decent player but for a B conference team?

  22. NW says:

    I am not sure if decent is how I would describe Goody’s game. He is really intense, and only wants to win. His resume speaks for itself.

    Good luck Classic Glass in 2014

  23. brandon dunn says:

    Where didn Souza go?

  24. leave it to beaver says:

    opinions are like buttholes. everyone has one. you gotta let it play out. its a looooonng grind for the next 9 months. and that goes for putting on a show or not. history is against cg more than anything. bay area/nor cal teams do not fair well at USSSA period! let the boys go out and do their thing, have fun and compete. its toms money and he enjoys softball. a team from the midwest, pac northwest, or florida will most likely finish at the top, just like always. lots of chatter last year about them paying C.

    and how did they finish at C worlds???

  25. STANDUP2CANCER says:

    Hope Classic Men and Tom roll it to the top in 2014. A solid group. Nice team and bring one home for the Easton Family.

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