Friday June 22nd, 2018

Updated —> 2014 ChecKing/S&S/Worth team!


ChecKing/S&S/Worth Roster – Conference 'B'

Dennis Abbate. OF
Charlie Baumgartner  C/EH
Barry Diggs  OF
Jon Encarnacion  IF
Jon Gagne  OF
Jeff LaHair  IF
George "Goose" Legierse  C/EH
Jeff Medeiros  1B
John Myler  IF
Mike Padovani  OF
Nicholas Pappacoda Jr.  IF/OF
Chris Perez  1B/C/EH
Brian Titus  P
Justin Valenti  IF
Joe Venturini  OF

Sponsor/Manager Jimmy "DOGS" Consiglio
Sponsor/Manager Scott "Stump" Sunderland
Coach Phil Schlacter

Conference Tourneys
-HOF Dual
-Columbus Major
-CT Affiliate
-Maryland Dual
-Cincinnati Shootout
-Last Chance Michigan
-A Worlds
-Conference Championship
-B Worlds

3 responses to “Updated —> 2014 ChecKing/S&S/Worth team!”

  1. Zee#9 says:

    Would like to speak to coach of checkking phone number is 9082478732

  2. please stop says:

    Zee….no one is picking you up. Get on a C or D team and play better.

  3. gregorio zambrana says:

    I have to laugh these are guys time in and time out. That I straight out play. But I doesn’t bother me especially when I know the same guys who talk come up to me and kiss my ass when they see me.

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