Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

The all new Reebok Barrage!


Check out the all new Reebok Barrage!

Reebok Pic3

Get a new Reebok Barrage T-shirt with each purchase!


2 responses to “The all new Reebok Barrage!”

  1. Barrage says:

    I’ve got 164 swings on mine, which has outlasted my last two Z2000’s. The feel is very similar, but the Barrage takes about 100 swings to warm up and then the sound changes and it starts getting hotter. The sweet spot is rather large, a one piece feel and great feedback on a mishit. It’s a great deal on a hot bat that seems to be durable.

  2. Brad Hogan says:

    I completely agree. I actually have 220 swings or more on 2 of mine and one of them just finally fully broke in. They are durable and real real hot when ready. They are stiff to start but they are great especially for big hitters that done need a real strong bat that breaks. These will last compared to most.

    So many of my team ates like it that we are doing a buy in. I will have a lot of them if anyone is interested just let me know of this board.

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