Friday June 22nd, 2018

2013 Team ComBat/ Rockstar/ Aflac team!


Team ComBat/ Rockstar/ Aflac
Conference B Seattle WA.

 Brian Higginbotham
 Jon Oram
 Jared Goetz
 Sean Bagley
 Wes Archie
 Brent Haugen
 Zach Nyberg
 OJ Ramos
 Ryan Thomas
 Scott Slusser
 Josh Boyd
 Corey Garcia- Coach/ Mgr

 ComBat "For players, by players"
 Rockstar Energy Drink

 Hall of Fame Classic FL.
 The ComBat Major Seattle
 Affiliate Tournament  Seattle
 Battle in the West CA. 
 Demarini Classic Portland
 B Worlds FL.

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