Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

2013 S&S Pools/TPE/Sportsco/Easton

S&S Pools/TPE/Sportsco/Easton (OH) has decided to join the conference.
S&S Pools/TPE/Sportsco/Easton (OH)
1) Frank Andriola (Cooper)
2) Billy Back (Sportsco)
3) Steve Bosch (Good Guys)
4) Brad Dorrmann (Sportsco)
5) Danny Eigel (Sportsco)
6) Dave Grooms (Didn't play)
7) Kyle Holmes (Sportsco)
8) Dave Huber (EAP)
9) TJ Kroth (Cincysoftball)
10) Luke Miller (Sportsco)
11) John Radich (Cooper)
12) Jason Roesch (Watanabe)
13) Adam Shepherd (Benton Metals/Sportsco)
14) Adam Sorrell (Sportsco)
15) Mike Thompson (Sportsco)
16) Tommy Watkins(Sportsco)
17) Nick Weimer (PRI)
Coach- Tommy Watkins
Coach- Joe Eigel
Sponsor- S&S Pools-Adam Shepherd
Sponsor- Total Package Express
Sponsor- Sportsco
Sponsor- Easton
Possible other sponsors pending

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