Wednesday May 23rd, 2018

2012 WSL 'B' Championship Bracket

Remember to always check the bracket link here for updates and or changes

Bubba's Roster
Travis Clark – Nordkap
Josh Hearn – has not played any sanctioned ball in 2012
Brian Ahern
Todd Ankney
Dan Hall – Linedrive
Luis Reyna – Suncoast
Cory Boothe – Shoppe
Keith Anderson – R&M
Johnny Gallegos
David Garcia – Westshore Pizza
Justin Mucciarelli – D2E
Lee Payne – D2E
Shaun Bridger – D2E
Antoine Williams

Mayhem roster
Greg Connell- resmondo
Shawn Wrinkle  was with baugh
Bob Hankins- scene
Corey Newman-scene
Dustin Boone-scene
Brandon Connell-down to earth
Justin Hall-hubs last couple of years
Matt Alvarado-ts 13
Jason Bridges- fence broker
Mike Kenslow-attack out of Missouri
Jason Duke -attack
Jerry Phelps- attack
Brandon Perkins attack
Keith Jennings attack

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