Thursday April 26th, 2018

USSSA Convention chatter

The USSSA Convention and meetings are over.  Here is some of the information I have gathered from a couple of sources that were at the convention.

Please email me at if you have anything to add to this list.

USSSA Slow pitch changes:

 – Run rules were lowered in classes "D" & "E"

 – Home Run rule in mens class 'B' is now 6

 – Home Run rule in mens class 'C' is now 4

 – All World Tournaments in Womens play and Classes C, D, and E in Mens that are held at Disney will be a 3 game guarantee bracket

 – World Tournament champions will receive 15 rings from Jostens

 – Non Conference teams now have 8 moves after the roster is frozen….(up from 6)
 – New State directors were announced


Conference USSSA News:

 – The 2013 Conference USSSA Schedule was finalized.

 – USSSA is expecting 50 teams to join Conference USSSA in 2013.

 – Currently the top 28 teams in points earn the travel money.  That could increase to 32 teams if 50 teams join.

 – There will be affiliate Conference tournaments where Conference teams can earn as many as 100 Conference points for winning the affiliate event.

 – The new Portland event is expecting 30-35 teams entered

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