Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

Early Conference Questionnaire Results

Response to the Sponsor/Manager Conference Questionnaire has been light so far. Only 25% of the emails have been returned. The deadline is November 6th.

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Here are some results so far to some of the questions:

100% of teams said shaved bats were used by opposing Conference teams.
100% said softball should not go to aluminum bats
100% said the bat testing should be done at every conference tournament
2/3rds are saying bat testing should be done independently of usssa
44% say bats that fail should be inspected further for tampering
44% have said, do not reduce the amount of Major players on a Major team
56% said to implement a player rating system below the major level
67% said the west should have more double tournaments
100% said conference tournaments should be seeded on Conference points
56% said teams that qualify should have to go to Conference Championships
56% say they like the Conference Championship
56% say the Conference Championships should be moved around the country
85% said they liked the format of the Conference Championships this past year
100% said the 'B' World should be seeded on Conference points
100% said the strike zone was different for a Major team vs an 'A' team
78% said the conference umpires should rotate equally for the big games and big teams
33% said the batters box should be enforced
89% were against a floating rubber rule
67% said a safety bag should be used
89% said games starting after 11 PM on Saturday night should not be reduced to 5 innings
44% said regionalizing the rosters in some manner would reduce the costs
56% said they wanted strong limits on list players for the Major division

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