Sunday June 24th, 2018

2012 Phoenix Tournament Preview


Tournament Preview

There are 21 teams entered in the Conference USSSA tournament in Glendale, Arizona called the "Cactus Classic".    6 of the teams are Conference teams.

The bracket is set up to where the final 8 could be the 6 conference teams, AZM, and Classic Glass.  Those teams need to avoid being upset by teams like Maddskills and Anytime Garage and whoever is the next good lower class team out of the Arizona area.

I will attempt to have the broadcast up on at 3:45 Pacific time on Saturday and run it through to the end of the tournament on Sunday.  Of course I have an early flight so I will have to cut it short if the Championship runs long.  Remember the tournament doesn't start until Saturday.

I'll go with Combat over OC Swats.  Sonnys over a good AZM team.  Remember AZM had Laser Vision a little nervous in Las Vegas.  Lets go with West Coast over 4 The Fallen in a 50/50 game. and finally Demarini over Classic Glass. 

My top 4 for Phoenix then is:
 1) Sonny's – Louisville Slugger
 2) Demarini/
 3) West Coast Doerflinger Easton
 4) Team Combat
 5) 4 The Fallen and AZM

Phoenix tournament bracket link


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