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2012 Major Prospect List – Added the #1 top prospect

"2012 Major Prospect List" as picked by before the 2012 season starts.

The list contains only players that were NOT on the Major Players List or the Major Watch List list before the 2012 season.

This was a very tough year to pick prospects as many of them are really two years away from the Major division.

I will add to the list each day.  Today I added the #1 prospect.   


Chente Granados – IF – Shoppe – Chente can do it all.  He has great speed, range, a quick release, power, and he can hit for average.  He can play shortstop or center field.  I first watched Chente play as an 18 year old at the 'B' Worlds.  Great talent and just one great season away from cracking a Major roster.    No stats available.

YouTube Preview Image

Chente at the 2011 Major World Series HR Derby

#2  Chris Hansen – IF – Nordkap – Chris held down the leadoff spot for Wood Law/Famous and turned in some spectacular and consistent defense in the field.  Hansen's rise to the top of the game has been fast and well deserved.  .750 onbase, 26 HR, 90 RBI 

#3  Kevin Bazat – SS – Team 454 – Somehow I left Kevin off of last years prospect list and all he did was play stellar defense and then lock down the lead off spot for the 'A' World Champions.  This year Kevin made the Team USA Futures squad and is back with 454.  He has as much range as any player in the game and his quick hands and quick release rank right there at the top as well.  It has been a slow but steady climb to the top of the game.  I remember Kevin with a team called Tapout at the 'B' Worlds in 2007, then Ropeclub, Suncoast, Taylormade, and 454.  Great run.

#4  Brandon Dillon – CF – R&M – Dillon has some of the best range of any center fielder in the game.  He locked down the 3 spot for Sinister in 2011 which was a nice career advancement on the offensive side.  Blazing speed, a great attitude, and raw power when he needs it.  Check out R&M at a tournament near you to see Dillons fence climbing – gap closing ability.


#5  Steve Whaley – IF – R&M – Steve has flown under the radar long enough.  Solid seasons with the glove and the stick and a desire to play the game the right way.  .689 with 29 HR's and a 12 homer Smoky Mountain Classic in 2011.

YouTube Preview Image

#6  Steven Lloyd – OF – Miken/Dream/Dirtysportswear – Lloyd has all the skills to help lead this team to a 'B' World title.  Incredible power, speed, and probably still learning the game.


#7  Adam Elliot – OF – Team Demarini – Adam led the nation in onbase percentage for the beginning of 2011, is an outstanding center fielder with great range, and has the speed and hustle of a Major player in the making.  .768 onbase, 24 HR, 58 RBI 


#8  Neil Haglund – OF – Suncoast/TYJA – Neil burst upon the scene a couple of years ago with Darkside 'B' and Conference teams.  Neil can play center field, throw, run, and do it all.  Great power.  Still mid 20's.   .687 onbase, 37 HR, 120 RBI.


#9 Andy Vitcak – P – Team 454 – Andy pitched his way up the Conference ladder from with top teams in each division including a stint with Laser Vision last year.  Now he is with the top 'A' team in the country and is also a great hitter.  .657 career onbase in the Conference. 

 Derek Warren – P – Combat – Derek Warren has had an impressive run at pitcher and always contributes offensively to any team he plays on.  When you think about who would replace Andy Purcell and Geno Buck if they didn't play anymore, Derek's name would be in the mix.Derek Warren – P – Combat – Derek Warren has had an impressive run at pitcher and always contributes offensively to any team he plays on.  When you think about who would replace Andy Purcell and Geno Buck if they didn't play anymore, Derek's name would be in the mix.Derek Warren – P – Combat – Derek Warren has had an impressive run at pitcher and always contributes offensively to any team he plays on.  When you think about who would replace Andy Purcell and Geno Buck if they didn't play anymore, Derek's name would be in the mix.

#10 Derek Warren – P – Combat – Derek Warren has had an impressive run at pitcher and always contributes offensively to any team he plays on.  When you think about who would replace Andy Purcell and Geno Buck if they didn't play anymore, Derek's name would be in the mix.   .658 onbase with 39 HR and 100 RBI's.  The guy is a work horse.

Top Non-Major Hitters

(Listed in alphabetical order)


(OH) Matt Albert – IF – R&M – Offensive MVP in Michigan last year when R&M took Resmondo to the 7th inning in the championship.  Hit it well all year it seemed.

(WA) Charles Cunningham – IF – Sonny's – Charles anchored a Sonny's team that upset a lot of teams on their way to a top 10 ranking.

(OH) Jon Jamison – C – Blitz – Longtime Blitz hitter got his 'B' World ring and is still a tough out at all levels.

(OH) Mike Malesko – OF – Columbus Pipe – a couple seasons removed from my top 10 prospects, still leading his team in hitting.


(AZ) Kathem Martin – OF/IF – Consistent linedrive hitter that I believe is looking for a team?


(TX) Derek Perkins – OF – ? – Team 454's leadoff hitter for the first half of the season last year, always hits well.

(CA) Julio Salazar – IF – West Coast/Doerflinger – Last year I tabbed Julio as the best hitter under 6 foot.  I forgot about Rulli so I'll have to say he is the second best hitter under 6 foot.

(IA) Nathan Staats – C – T's 13 – Bigtime hitter for R&M in 2011 looks to help carry T's 13 to a 'B' World run.

(GA) Blake Williams – 1B – The Scene – One of the best young hitters in the game.  I'd like to see him work on his outfielding so he can climb the ladder quicker.

Top Non-Major Pitchers

(Listed in alphabetical order)

(AR) Jason Bridges – P – Makes it look easy pitching for those offseason all star teams.  Also turned in a stellar year with the stick in 2011.

(MI) Jeff Graus – P – Combat – Graus gets a shot at the Major level with Combat after years in the Bud Light/Sinister system.

(OH) Frank Gruber – P – Blitz – 'B' World MVP is one of the few pitchers that can make a full out dive from the mound to catch a line drive.  Also a tough out at all levels.

(TX) Perry Hensley – P – Was headed for my top 10 list until I heard he retired…hoping he comes back.

(GA) Kevin Johnson – P – Team 454 – Unsung hero of the 454 breakout season in 2011 earns this vet some good recognition.

(AZ) Danny Lopez – P – Sonny's – Good at shutting down 'B' and lower teams which means Sonny's will make it to the games they need to play against the big boys.

(OR) Brendt Newbill – P – Demarini – Brendt was going to get a well deserved shot to pitch for GTL before their demise.

(CA) Robert Sena – P – West Coast Doerflinger – Robert has some of the best arm action in the game.

(OH) Shane Spicer – P – Shoppe – Spicer came off my top 10 overall list but is still pitching for Shoppe this year and knows how to contribute both offensively and defensively.

(IA) Losson White – P – T's 13 – White headed back to T's 13 after stints with Suncoast and Pipac.  One of the best defensive pitchers in the game. 

Top Non-Major Infielders that bring the offense!

(Listed in alphabetical order)

(MI) Charlie Anderson – SS – Linedrive – An offensive weapon that plays shortstop.  Big upside.

(ID) Sam Christensen – IF – Sonny's – Sam has been on the list for awhile.  Steady glove at all infield positions and a veteran stick in the Conference.

(IL) Chris Geron – IF – R&M Metals – A player ready to make a big time step to the next level.

(MI) Shannan Green – CO – Line Drive – A steady force in the middle of the Line Drive offense.

(MI) Chris Kirian – IF – Taylormade – Veteran infielder that can play anywhere gets to play for a new team after being with Bud Light/Sinister for years.

(MO) Michael Noonan – IF – Sonny's – Noonan moves to the Sonny's 'A' team after a couple years batting at the top of the Midwest Swing lineup.

(CA) Rafael Robledo – SS – Doerflinger – Long time California shortstop on teams like Johnny Blaze looking for another big year with Doerflinger.

(WI) Mike Umschied – IF – R&M – Longtime EWS middle infielder has improved offensively every year.


(AL) Frank Yeilding – IF – Combat – Third baseman from the old Logo Express teams moves to the next level with Combat.

Top Non-Major Outfielders

(Listed in alphabetical order)

(CA) Eliseo Aguilar – OF – West Coast Doerflinger – One of the best line drive hitters in the game with lots of Conference experience.  Played with Taylormade  in 2011.

(MI) Ryan Ford – OF – Linedrive – Underrated left fielder has good power, clutch hitting, and solid defense.


(MO) Evan Gallmeier – OF – ? – Defensive standout at the 'A' Worlds after getting picked up by Team 454 last season.

(NC) Jason Gilfillan – OF – Down2EarthSports – Talent meets opportunity.  A relative unknown who played with Gas It the past two seasons.


(CA) Mario Granados – OF – West Coast Doerflinger – Played 'A' ball for a couple years.  Still young and capable of taking it up another notch.


(OH) David Kessler – OF – Suncoast – Helped Blitz to a 'B' World title leading the team in many offensive categories.  Finally makes the jump to 'A' with Suncoast.


(FL) Billy Moore – OF – Shoppe – A slow but consistent and steady rise to be one of the top young outfielders.  Lots of experience here.


(GA) Lee Payne – OF – Down2Earth – one of the fastest players in the game.  Potential for a breakout season.


(CA) Nick Robertson – OF – R&M – Really stepped up his game in the second half of the season for R&M on both sides of the ball.  Great talent and hustle.


(OH) Michael Rogers – CF – Blitz – MVP for the 'B' World Champs.  Really coming into his own and will be a key part of Blitz if they want to have a successful move to the 'A' division.


(TN) Jeremy Yates – OF – Taylormade – Came out of nowhere and made some great defensive plays at the World Series and slapped a homer off the scoreboard in LC.  Very impressive all around game and unlimited potential. 


Top Non-Major Power Hitters

(Listed in alphabetical order)

(AL) Brian Autry – 1B – Baugh Ford – Brian put on a power show at the HOF tournament in 2010 when he was offensive MVP and is back in the Conference this season and ready to power the Baugh Ford team to victory.

(VA) Cory Boothe – OF – Shoppe – Cory had some clutch homeruns for Shoppe in 2011 and is developing into a premier power hitter

(AR) Tim Bowser – IF – FBI – Bowser has always hit some creatures.  2012 will be no different

(Canada) Luc Chauvette – IF – Luc won the Pif homerun derby and showed some raw power in the Conference in 2011.  I'm not sure he is playing in the States in 2012?

(TX) Mark Dennis – IF – The Scene – Mark is a consistent power hitter when called upon to do so.

(CA) Cal Ford – IF – West Coast Doerflinger – Cal will be hitting his bombs for Doerflinger again this year.

(GA) Sean Greer – IF – Down2EarthSports – Greer is an up and coming power hitter looking to build on the success he had in 2011.

(VA) Brent Haywood – IF – Taylormade – Haywood is a stadium power hitter who's highlite moment was that 5 Homer performance on the baseball field in Nashville last year including a walkoff against Shoppe.  We've also seen him have monster games at the Smoky on the main field in 2009 when they upset Dan Smith.

YouTube Preview Image

(CA) Jason Kreider – C – Free Agent – Kreider helped power AJS to the 'B' World title in 2010.

(IN) Andrew Mazzier – IF – Columbus Pipe – Mazzier will be hitting the long ones for C-Pipe this year after hitting them for Midwest Swing the past two years.  It is hard to forget that bomb at Chicago a couple years ago.

YouTube Preview Image

(MN) Dustin Palm – IF – XTreme/Combat – Dustin hit the walkoff at the stadium in the HOF tournament in 2010 against Resmondo showing he is a clutch homerun hitter.


(GA) Reginald Patterson – Free Agent – Reggie can hit them in the heat of the day on any baseball field.  Someone give this guy a shot already.

(GA) Jonathan Scott – UT – Headhunters – John put his name in the record books when he led the 2011 Smoky Mountain Classic in HR's with 17 including 11 in a row to start the tournament.

(OH) Brad Tabler – C – Helped power Blitz to the 2011 'B' World title and has been hitting them for years in the Cincinnati area.

Underrated Players that play well against all levels

(Listed in alphabetical order)

(OH) Steve Edwards – IF/OF – Columbus Pipe/DSS Bats/Easton Bats/Easton – CF or SS Steve can get it done as well as playing small ball or big ball with the stick.

(OH) Jason Ferguson – Anywhere – Jason is one of the few players that can play every position on the field well and improves with the stick every year.

(FL) David Garcia – OF/IF – The Scene/Easton – It doesn't matter where you put him, or what level team your playing, Dave is going to give it his all and make a big play with the glove and the stick to help you win.

(PA) Ryan Parfitt – CF – ? – I'm not sure who Ryan is playing for this year but his hustle, defense, and clutch hitting will help someone.

(MI) Robin Roberts – IF – A steady glove for the GTL teams of the past, and an impressive offensive season with Albicocco in 2010.

(GA) Phillip White – IF – Team 454/Worth – A steady force up the middle defensively and with the stick for the 'A' World Champs and Logo Express teams of the past sometimes goes unnoticed.

(CA) Clif Williamson – IF – SBS/Combat – Short stints with R&M and 4 The Fallen have shown the softball world that this guy gets it done on both sides of the ball.

(FL) Chris Wilson – OF – Miken Dream/DirtySportswear/3N2/ATWL – Chris batted leadoff for both the successful 'A' team Albicocco's in 2010 and for the runner up 'B' World team 1st Step in 2011.  An all around player who hustles, plays defense, and can play anywhere.

Defensive minded players

Major level potential with the glove – (Alphabetical order)

(MD) William Allen – MI – Line Drive Sportz/SSS – infielder for Sinister and Angle Inn in the past


(OH) Brian Blount – MI – Ca Sports/Miken/Creative Stucco/MOJO – has won both 'A' World defensive MVP and Offensive MVP while playing for GTL

(AR) Pat Burton – SS – Fencebrokers/GameTimeSupply/Worth – back with FBI after a year layoff

(GA) Kyle Cowart – CF – Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite –  One of the best defensive center fielders in the game

(MO) Richard French – MI – no team known – gritty defender

(WA) Ryan Goodman – IF – The Scene/Easton – 2009 'B' World defensive MVP

(FL) Joel Ramos – IF – Line Drive Sportz/SSS – former Bell Corp utility man still getting it done

(IA) Scott Roen – IF – R & M Troupe/TCP/Easton – underrated glove up the middle

(OH) Nicholas Masur – SS – Blitz/Weller/Watanabe/K&G/Easton – looking to take the next step, smooth and quick


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