Tuesday June 19th, 2018

2012 USSSA Major World Series player awards

2012 Major World Series player awards

Co-MVP Scott Kirby
Co-MVP Andy Purcell
Offensive MVP – Brian Rainwater
Defensive MVP – Don Dedonatis III
Manager – Dan Fruwirth

All Tournament

Scott Kirby
Kevin Kennington
Brian Rainwater
Brian Wegman
Sam Lopez
Geno Buck
Bryson Baker

Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
Andy Purcell
Bubba Mack
Jeremy Isenhower
Greg Connell
Bobby Hughes
Don Dedonatis III

Adam Rockoff
Andrew Collins
Terry Baggs

R&M Metals/Troupe/Pipac/S&R/Easton
Mike Umscheid
Reggie Schulte
Brandon Dillon

Reds Astros/TPS/Sports Den
Wally Maybrier

Team 454/Emerald/Worth
Chad Durick

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