Wednesday May 23rd, 2018

Major World Series countdown – #13 Taylormade/TM Sports/Mizuno

#13 Taylormade/TM Sports/Mizuno

Williamsburg, Virginia

Taylormade is the #13 seed and has a young up and coming group of players mixed in with some veteran Taylormade mainstays.  Last year they lost their first game at the Major as the #16 seed to Resmondo and made it all the way back to the championship game to finish second!  Proving that any team can make a run at the show.  On baseball fields Taylormade is 7-5 but 4-1 vs 'A' teams and averages 18.0 runs per game while allowing 15.8 runs per game.  They were 0-3 vs Major teams on the big fields.
Taylormade is led by their youth and hustle at the top of the order.  Chad McLamb a veteran leadoff hitter sets the table for youngsters Jeremy Yates and Branden Blake who have a penchant for hitting inside the park homers.  Brian Logan in CF may have the most range in the game and can put on a show for the fans.  And pitcher Brandon Jonas has been able to keep opposing 'A' teams in check on the big fields. 
Outlook: Taylormade opens the tournament at 5:30 PM Wednesday against Demarini/Dirty who they were 0-1 against on the season.  This team like many of the underpowered teams needs to take what they are given, hustle every play out no matter how bad they hit the ball, because being on second as opposed to first keeps your team out of the doubleplay.  When other teams are hitting bombs, this team needs to stay within themselves and play their game and look up at the scoreboard only when the game is over.

Player's to watch

SS Branden Blake

CF Brian Logan


P Brandon Jonas

LF Jeremy Yates

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