Sunday June 24th, 2018

2012 EAP/

Greg Bennett – Utility   (EAP)
Kevin Birkofer – C/AH   (EAP)
Jason Brown – INF   (EAP)
Zac Busam – OF   (EAP)
Scott Harper – INF   (D&S/TPS)
Dave Huber – P   (EAP)
Brad McConnachie – OF/INF   (Tyler Trucking)
Tony Payne – INF   (Blitz/Watanabe)
John Radich – OF   (Seminoles/MOJO)
Dan Tolbert – INF   (PRI)
Steve Tolbert – P/INF   (EAP)
Chad Vordemesche – C/AH   (EAP)
Nick Weimer – OF/INF   (3rd Street Financial/AK Tile)
Eddie Weinberg – INF   (EAP)
Joey Wilke – OF   (NA)

Fred Trammell – Manager
Bob Shad – Coach/Sponsor
Rob Schlemmer – Coach
John Owens – Coach

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