Friday June 22nd, 2018

2012 Cincinnati Advanced Player Combine recap


2012 Cincinnati


Advanced Player Combine recap


The Participants

Kevin Raisor – outfielder

Josh Kohrs – infielder

Shawn Placie – infielder

Adam McCoppin – first base

Taylor Eversole – first base

Infielder Chris Frankum participated in the home run derby but was injured and didn't participate in the skills challenges


Link to picture album

YouTube Preview Image 

Video of the combine 


Friday night home run derby at the Cincinnati Advanced Player Series Combine!

Each player hit 8 pitches and could take 3 pitches

Fences were 300 feet. Helmer and Wegman did the pitching. MC'd by Cy.

Video of the Derby starts at the 14 minute mark. Move the little slider at the bottom to the 14 minute mark for the first hitter.

Of course I forgot to put up the Reebok banner in place of last weeks Mojo banner, on the livestream…sorry

1st Round
Taylor Eversole – 3 homers
Andy McCoppin – 2 homers
Kevin Raisor – 4 homers
Josh Kohrs – 6 homers
Carl Blume – 2 homers
Shawn Placic – 3 homers
Chris Frankum – 1 homer
Kyle Moyer – 1 homer
Brian Wegman – 6 homers
Jason Baxter – 7 homers
Brett Helmer – 4 homers

2nd Round
Kevin Raisor – 6 homers
Josh Kohrs – 4 homers
Brian Wegman – 2 homers
Jason Baxter – 4 homers
Brett Helmer – 4 homers

Brett Helmer beat Baxter in the hit off to see who made the finals 2 homer's to 1

Brett Helmer – 6 homers
Kevin Raisor – 3 homers (wins Highest finishing Combine Player and a pair of Reebok Zig Dynamics and a pair of batting gloves)

 Kevin Raisor was the fastest combine participant

Home to First
Kevin Raisor 3.19
Josh Kohrs 3.38
Shawn Placie 3.44
Andy McCoppin 3.53
Taylor Eversole 3.81

Home to Home
Kevin Raisor 12.31
Josh Kohrs 13.09
Shawn Placie 13.25
Andy McCoppin 13.94
Taylor Eversole 14.63

Raisor also threw the hardest

Arm Speed (Radar gun with a softball)
Kevin Raisor 65 mph
Shawn Placie 63 mph
Josh Kohrs 58 mph
Andy McCoppin 58 mph
Taylor Eversole 54 mph 

Fielding Accuracy  (5 balls, 2 points highest 1.5 points, 1 point, Max 10 points)


Josh Kohrs 8.5
Shawn Placie 8.5
Andy McCoppin 8
Taylor Eversole 7

Kevin Raisor 8.5
Josh Kohrs 8.5
Shawn Placie 7.5

Hitting Accuracy (10 swings versus USSSA Pitcher & defense)
Josh Kohrs 9 for 10
Kevin Raisor 7 for 10
Andy McCoppin 7 for 10
Shawn Placie 6 for 10
Taylor Eversole 4 for 10


Reebok supplied half of the bats 

Reebok supplied the softballs

Reebok's Lee Trotter works with Jason Baxter on the radar gun


Brian Wegman tries his 2013 Easton signature bat for the first time.  Of all of the hitting and bp that went on at the combine, Brians hitting display with the new easton was most impressive.

The DJ turned out to be a really good utrip pitcher 

CY mc'd the combine and took a few swings.  He tried to keep the combine players off balance with his humor. 


We found something Brian Wegman cannot do.  Pitch BP.  lol 

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