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2012 Bash for Cash – Hebron, KY – Broadcast and Preview


11th Annual Jim Wessel Memorial

"Bash for Cash"

March 16-18, Hebron, KY

Rivershore Sports Complex

Bash for Cash tournament page link

Bash for Cash teams entered link

The #1 question surrounding the Bash for Cash is always the weather.  This forecast looks like it could be the best in the tournaments history?

Tune in for an amateur (1 man) broadcast of both the HR Derby Friday night at 7 PM eastern, and the A/B division WSL tournament on Saturday beginning at 10:00 AM

Looking for guest announcers and someone to add their picks for the HR Derby and A/B division to this preview.

Email broadcast link

The Bash begins Friday night March 16th with the JC Phelps Memorial Home Run Derby!

Major Division Entries: Start time 7:00 pm eastern! Locals vs Out Of Towners

Winner: JC Phelps Award & $250.00 Cash, Runner Up $250.00 Cash
(Do those awards sound correct to you?  Maybe a typo?)


1. Brian Wegman (Laservision / Easton)
2. David Kessler (Tyja/Suncoast/Reebok)
3. Brad Tabler (Blitz / Watanabe / Easton)
4. Terry Rosenbalm (Tyja/Suncoast/Reebok)
5. Brad Reckart (Blitz/Watanabe/Easton)
6. Shane Hatfield (Blitz/Watanabe/Easton)
7. Dan Feichtner (Pure Romance/Easton)
8. Tim Cocco (Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite)

1. BJ Fulk (Resmondo / Worth)
2. Rusty Bumgardner (Team 454 / Worth)
3. Chris Moon (Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite)
4. Ryan Robbins (Ca Sports/Miken/Creative Stucco/MOJO)
5. Brett Helmer (Laservision / Easton)
6. Mike Rhines (Taylormade/TM Sport/Mizuno)
7. Corey Boothe (Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite)
8. Travis Clark (Nordkap/Desert Falls/Easton)
9. Robert Blackburn (Shoppe/Team TPS/Elite)
10. Bill Rhew (Team 454 / Worth)
11. Dustin Roberts (Tyja/Suncoast/Reebok)
12. Keith Anderson (R&M Metals/Easton)
13. Chris Gerron (R&M Metals / Easton)
14. Jason Baxter (Ca Sports/Miken/Creative Stucco/MOJO)
15. Landon Helm (Ca Sports/Miken/Creative Stucco/MOJO)

The Bash continues on Saturday March 17th at 10:00 AM with the WSL A/B Divsion.

WSL A/B division rules:
– 8 Home Run Limit then HR's are outs
– Hit your own WSL stamped, Trump Stote, 44 / 375
– Pitching is 6' to 10' no faking, may use floating rubber up to 56'

Link to all the Bash for Cash Brackets


POOL A – Saturday Field #1
1. Mid America Ballyard
2. Red's / Astro's/Sports/TPS
3. R&M Metals / Easton

10:00 AM – Mid America Ballyard vs Red's / Astro's/Sports/TPS
11:15 AM – Mid America Ballyard vs R&M Metals / Easton
12:30 PM – Red's / Astro's/Sports/TPS vs R&M Metals / Easton

POOL B – Saturday Field #3
4. Bubba's
5. Creative/CA Sports/TPS
6. Team Easton

10:00 AM – Bubba's vs Creative/CA Sports/TPS
11:15 AM – Bubba's vs Team Easton
12:30 PM – Creative/CA Sports/TPS vs Team Easton








3:15 PM – F1



2 PM – F1









5:45 PM – F1









2 PM – F3







3:15 PM – F3














8:15 PM – F1



4:30 PM – F1












5:45 PM – F3











4:30 PM – F2


7:00 PM – F1


If Game






9:30 PM – F1









WSL A/B Rosters

Mid America Ballyard (Cincinnati, OH) – Wegman all star team?
Brian Wegman
Robert Blackburn
Rusty Bumgardner
Bill Rhew?
BJ Fulk?

Red's / Astros / Sports Den / TPS (Duckhead, KY)
#5 Travis Dale SS/OF
#11 Troy Krider IF/OF
#32 Doug Martin OF
# 8 Wally Maybrier OF
Tim Cocco C/EH/1B (Shoppe/TPS)
#6 Tony Henry 1B/3B/OF
#42 Jake Stambazze 3B/SS//MI/2B
#25 Steve Kingsolver C/EH/1B
#21 Rob Roop P/3B/1B
#30 Chris Lane OF
# 4 John Steele C/1B/EH/2B
#35 Josh Fryman 3B/MI/2B (KY Steel Erectors)
#19 Jody Wendel IF

#15 Fred Lawson 2B/MI(not available this weekend)
#23 Levi Wright (not available this weekend)
#1 Dennis Buis IF (not available this weekend)
#9 Randy Lawson P ( not available this weekend)

Coaches: Herb Price, Red Moore, Rob Likens, Jerry Scudder, Sonny Yamcharern, Gary Sipe.

Sponsors: (includes the coaches) TPS/ Louisville Slugger, Sports Den (Somerset KY), Belly's in Cincy , and Astro Sports (Herb Price – Fishers IN)

R&M Metals/Easton (New London, IA)
Kyle Yerkes
Scott Zaciewski
Brandon Dillon
Keith Anderson
Mike Umschied
Chris Geron

Bubba's (Chicago, IL)
Travis Clark
Todd Ankney
Josh Hearn
Jay Hearn
Brian Ahern
Bruce Rhines
Corey Boothe
Brian Zirkle
Gary Lofton
Hobie Nieves
Antoine Williams
David Kessler
Terry Rosenbalm
Dustin Roberts

Creative Stucco/CA Sports/TPS (Nashville, TN) – Is this the Conference team?
Ryan Robbins
Chris Moon
Josh Riley
Mattie Crawford
Brian Blount
Jason Baxter
Drew Pinkley
Landon Helm
Kevin Filby
James Shootman
Nate Holcomb

Team Easton (Cincinnati, OH)
Brad Reckart
Shane Hatfield
Other Blitz Players? is now accepting donations and sponsors for the tournament broadcasts – Click here for donation information 


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