Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

Added Schedule —> 2012 AZM team

AZM roster – Non-Conference 'B' out of Arizona

Aaron Bair
Michael Thompson
Brian Knight
Michael Tarwater
Jake Conroy
Beau Polvorosa
David Nowak
Michael Pettibone
Marcus Henninger
Chris Collins
John Doerfler
Ron Sartin Jr
Josh Moore

1/7- Far West Nat.
1/28- Miken Challenge Open- Henderson NV.                                                                                                            
2/4 – Southwest Invite Open-Phx. AZ.                                                                                                                          
2/18-Select Series- Phx, AZ.                                                                                                                                  
3/3- Select Series- Phx,AZ.                                                                                                                                            
3/24- Reebok Spring Classic Open-Phx, AZ.                                                                                                                  
3/30- Sin City Classic- Major (conference) Las Vegas                                                                                                      
4/28- Cactus Classic- Major (conference) Phx, AZ.                                                                                                          
5/12- Usssa Super Open NIT- Phx, AZ.                                                                                                                        
6/16- Select Series Phx, AZ.                                                                                                                                          
6/29- Battle in the West- Major (conference) Riverside, Cal.                                                                                                      
7/27- Rocky Mtn. Shootout- Major (conference) Colo.Springs                                                                                            
8/4- Last Chance NIT- Open- Gilbert, AZ.                                                                                                                          
9/14- B WORLDS- Orlando, FL.

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