Thursday April 26th, 2018

2012 ASA 'A' National – stats and awards

This is a link to the stats in for the ASA 'A' National 2012


Batting Champion: Brian Zirkle- Nordkap – hitting .875

HR Champion: Chris Greinert – Sonny’s – 14 home runs

Most Valuable Player: Jonathan Lenz – Sonny’s

2012 ASA Men’s Class FIRST Team All- American Team

Infield: Jonathan Lenz- Sonny’s

Infield: Brad Reckhart – Annihilation

Infield: Kyle Moyer – Desert Falls

Infield: Larry Wert – 3rd Street Financial

Infield: Lexi Ramirez – Sonny’s

Outfield: Brian Zirkle – Nordkap

Outfield: Mike Rogers – 3rd Street Financial

Outfield: Nick Santana – Desert Falls

Outfield: West Guill – Sonny’s

Utility: Reggie Schulte – Annihilation

Utility: Jeremy Yates – Annihilation

Utility: Chris Greinert – Sonny’s

Utility: Jayson Scott – 3rs Street Financial

Utility: Manny Liriano – Sonny’s

Pitcher: Roger Drake – 3rd Street Financial

2012 ASA Men’s Class SECOND Team All- American Team

Infield: Adam Peterson – BBS/Miken

Infield: Brett McCollum – Nordkap

Infield: Kyle Decker – BBS/Miken

Infield: Kevin Bazat – Annihilation

Infield: Bryson Baker – Annihilation

Outfield: Jeremy Isenhower – BBS/Miken

Outfield: Brian Wegman – Annihilation

Outfield: Scott Zacienski – Nordkap

Outfield: Brandon Dillion – Nordkap

Utility: Chris Larsen – Desert Falls

Utility: Geno Buck – Annihilation

Utility: Brett Helmer – Annihilation

Utility: JD Genter – Desert Falls

Utility: Kevin Filby – Nordkap

Pitcher: Tyson Steel – Desert Falls

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