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2011 Conference Season Preview and Pre-Season Rankings!

2011 Conference USSSA Season Preview and Pre-Season Rankings

2011 Conference Make Up (38 teams):
  4 Major Teams
10 'A' Teams
20 'B' Teams
  4 'C' Teams

2010 Conference Make Up (34 teams):
  2 Major Teams
11 'A' Teams
15 'B' Teams
  5 'C' Teams
  1 'D' Team

As you can see there was a slight gain in quality as well as quantity for 2011.

The following is my pre-season rankings.  Once again this is all in fun, if you don't like where your team is ranked, use this as motivation for the season and good luck to all teams.

#1 Resmondo/Specialty Tank/Worth (Major)
Jeremy Isenhower  Infield
Don DeDonatis Jr.  Infield
Bryson Baker  Infield
Bob Hughes  Outfield
Vince Bisbee  Catcher
Mike Rhines  Infield
Brian Rainwater  Outfield
Greg Connell  Infield
Howie Krause  Infield
BJ Fulk  Outfield
Andy Purcell  Pitcher
Jeff Wallace  Catcher
Scott Striebel  Outfield

Resmondo enters 2011 with 2 consecutive Men's Major Championships and run ruled all opponents in the Series to end last year.  They lose a key piece in third baseman Dennis Rulli who went to Combat/Laser Vision.  They added infielder Jeremy Isenhower and extra hitter Vince Bisbee returns to the team.

Look for Resmondo to be the favorite in every tournament.  Their late season stretch where they lost in Colorado, Michigan, and the Conference Championships last year before the World Series shows they are human though.  I don't think anyone would say they are better than 2010, but they probably don't have to be.

#2 Team Combat/Laser Vision/Down2Earth (Major)
Don Cooper
Pierre Alfred
Dan Fruwirth
Bill Tassanari

John McCraw
Rick Baker
Brett Helmer
Scott Brown
Jason Kendrick
Robert Blackburn
Dal Beggs
Brian Wegman
Seth Stephens
Jeff Mcgavin
Dennis Rulli
Billy Messina
Andy Vitcak
Rusty Bumgardner

Team Combat is basically the 2008 World Series Championship team minus Nastally, Kirby, and Bryson Baker.  They picked up MI Dennis Rulli, EH Brett Helmer, 2B Brian Wegman, as well as SS Jeff McGavin, center fielder Rick Baker, and recently relief pitcher Andy Vitcak.  They suffered a potential season ending foot injury to Robert Blackburn in Las Vegas and Wegman (shoulder) and Bumgardner (neck) are still not 100%.

A controversial choice for #2 for sure, however I believe Combat will get healthy and make one final run with this group at the World Series.  Look for  their struggles to continue out of the gate and they may not drastically improve until mid-summer.  These guys know how to win though and are tough outs when the game is on the line.

#3 GTL Cartel/DeMarini (Major)
Charles Garcia
Jose Sanchez
Don Wilson
Kermit Stricklin
Donovan Pokraka
Jason Branch
Tim Howard
Mike Bowlin
Chris Larsen
Victor Cordova
Matt Pesso
Joey Formosa
Anthony Dress
Sean McDonald
Geno Buck
Kevin Filby
Brendt Newbill

GTL has a new look with outfielders Tim Howard and Jason Branch, a new pitcher in Geno Buck, and new corner men in 3B Joey Formosa and 1B Sean McDonald.  They have also added new power hitter Chris Larsen and Kevin Filby returns to GTL.  Donovan Pokraka (back) was injured in Vegas, and returning are leadoff man Mike Bowlin and 2B Victor Cordova, SS Anthony Dress, and MI Matt Pesso.

GTL was clicking on all cylinders in Vegas as the won the season opening tournament.  Right now they could very well be ranked number one but it is a long season and we need to see this team play well on the baseball fields.  Normally they are competing for the 'A' World championship and then take the rest of the season off.  This year the focus is on a new prize and they have a puncher's chance.

#4 Combat/Pharmapar/Transat/Holiday (Major)
George Phillips
Stephane Chapdelaine
Francois Henry
Sal Formosa
Mike Dill
Derek Warren
Jonhy Oram
Mike Taylor
Pascal Hamel
Alexandre Gagner
Jeff Gare
Shawn Deroche
Tim Bowser
Olivier Forest
Olivier Blier
Marco Vachon

This team steps up to the major division with some of the 2010 NW Combat team, 2B Jeff Gare, CF Sal Formosa, C Francois Henry, SS Jon Oram, and pitcher Derek Warren.  They combine with Mike Dill and Mike Taylor from Laser Vision, Tim Bowser from FBI, and a group of relatively unknown (at least in the USA) players from Canada. 

I ranked this team #4 because I cannot bring myself to rank a lower classed team ahead of a higher classed team to start the season.  I think there is a huge learning curve that will take place for the Canadian players and there will be some big question marks as to whether they can consistently hit the top Major pitchers.  For this reason I don't believe they will rank #4 at the end of the season and will not earn enough points to finish in the top half of the Major World Series seeding.  This will be a fun team though and we should know a lot more after next weekend about them.

#5 Jean Shoppe/TPS/Elite (A)
Shane Spicer
Jamie Gordon
Tim Cocco
Eric Thompson
Shane Hatfield
JD Genter
Brad Reckart
Lee Powers
Kyle Cowart
Matt King
Chad McLamb
Jesse Wozniak
Cory Boothe
Larry Quartuccio – Manager

Jean Shoppe comes back with the nucleus of their 2010 team.  They add one of the toughest outs in the game in outfielder Chad McLamb from Taylormade, and Major third baseman JD Genter to an already talent laden team.  Jamie Gordon should be back and hopefully healthy as well and pitcher Shane Spicer finally gets the starting nod at pitcher.

A season of frustration in 2010 may very well launch this team to an 'A' title in 2011 and the long awaited trip to the Major division in 2012.

#6 EWS/Shirts&Logos/Easton/Drgrapx (A)
Travis Clark
Chris Geron
Mark Holstein
Scott Kirby
Gary Lofton
Sam Lopez
Brett McCullom
Justin Mucciarelli
Brady Noll
Brandon Riese
Terry Rosenbalm
Jimmy Salas
Micheal Stephany
Ryan Theide
Mikey Umschied
LC Watson
Manager Todd Ankey
3rd Base Coach Doug Reed
Coach John Toveli
Sponsor Eric Weller
Sponsor Rick Marino
Sponsor Easton
Sponsor Mike Mages

EWS enters the 2011 season with a completely overhauled team.  Most of their regulars have been forced into reserve roles as they picked up the new Easton contract players 2B Sam Lopez and 3B Jimmy Salas as well as former Dan Smith players 1B Ryan Thiede, SS Brett McCollum, and outfielder Scott Kirby.  An interesting mix.  As we watched in Las Vegas we noticed some outfield mishaps and the inability to close out Team Combat.  In the end though they lost both of their games to Major teams and did enough to establish themselves at the top of the 'A' division.   Look for an EWS vs Jean Shoppe final at the 'A' World.

#7 Famous Sports/Logo Express/Easton (A)
John Gilmore
Chad Munger
Ed Vega
Chris Hansen
Johnny Gallegos
Adam Elliot
Ricky Haymans
Phillip White
Brian Autry
Jesse Harrison
Matt Bunn
Frank Yeilding
Brandon Murray

Famous/Logo is a merger between the 2010 Famous 'B' team that finished 2nd at the 'B' Worlds last year and the Logo Express team that finished an amazing 4th in the final season Rankings.  The team also added former Dan Smith utility infielder John Gallegos and 2-time 'A' World Champion pitcher Chad Munger fomerly of GTL.  This combination of players showed that they could compete in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago and I think they will be a solid addition to the 'A' division all year long.  They should have a shot also at some of the smaller Conference events.

#8 Suncoast/Reebok (A)
Adam Rockoff
Brian Justice
Dan Bean
Dustin Roberts
Dan Dillingham
Hank Garris
Jamie Nelson
Lee Trotter
Losson White
Luis Reyna
Marty Malloy
Ryan Robbins
Nate Holcomb
Travis Lane

A new year and a new team for Suncoast.  Great additions in Brian Justice, Adam Rockoff, Dan Bean, Trravis Lane, Ryan Robbins and Losson White among others should put this team in position to have an outside shot at 'A' Worlds.

#9 Team 454 Emerald/Worth (A)
Kevin Bazat
Randell Boone
Cameron Byars 
Mike Cornell 
John Dutch 
Brent Griffin 
Kevin Johnson 
Mitch Mabe 
Ronald Mack 
Jess Maloney
Timmy Mattox 
kyle moyer 
Derek Perkins 
William Rhew 
Don Rogers 
Tim Taylor 
Dennis Turner

Another interesting team with a lot of potential.  Sort of a combination of the 2009 T&R Stucco team, some vets like Boone and Turner, and GTL players Don Rogers and Bubba Mack.  Good enough to have a few runs in Conference play.

#10 TaylorMade/TM Sports/Mizuno (A)
Eliseo Aguilar
Johnny Bailey
Kevin Kennington
Stacy Bolton
Chyenne Brooks
Chris Calcutt
Brian Floyd
Nick Floyd
Cory Franklin
Brent Haywood
Brian Logan
Kevin Rye
Dale Zwack
Al Pierce

Taylormade lost Bazat, Justice, and Boothe but the young players should step in and salvage the season along with outfielder Eliseo Aguilar and the return of Brent Haywood.

#11 R&M Metals/Troupe/TCP/Easton (A)
Mike Irvine
Brian Zirkle
Buddy Dubois
Chad Johnson
Aaron Middendorf
Scott Roen
Andy Shiltz
Nate Staats
Ron Fields
Kyle Decker
Kyle Yerkes
Jason Kreider
Chris Firebaugh
Chris Greinert
Tim Hamer
Rob Humphrey – Manager

R&M metals is the Pipac/TCP team from a year ago.  They added veteran hitters Jason Kreider and Kyle Yerkes from AJS and Chris Greinert from Dan Smith.  My gut says they might struggle some this year but they proved they could compete last year with their Indiana conference win and top 10 final ranking.

#12 Sinister / Pritchard / Miken (A)
Frank Aleksandrowicz
Willie Allen
Brian Basierbe
Jason Crain
Brandon Dillon
Josh Frank
Joey Gordon
Jeff Graus
Chris Kirian
Rob Partain
Jeff Payton
Todd Pease
Reggie Schulte
Todd Wallace

This might be my new team to root for.  Gone is the top 4 in the lineup run producers of Jeff McGavin, Rick Sedlacek, Kevin Filby, and Todd Joerling.  And yet they still put an 'A' team together with some great players.  Sometimes less is more, if you know what I mean.  I don't see Billy Barrett or Casey Rogowski on the team?  Looks like Jeff Graus will get a well deserved starting role, Todd Pease returns, and they picked up stadium sensation Reggie Schulte who hasn't played a lot of utrip but impressed everyone at last years Major Series with FBI.

#13 Darkside/TYJA/Easton (A)
Baumgartner, Charlie
Belding, Adam
Encarnacion, Jon
Haglund, Neil
Lewis, Mike
Lipschutz, Lee
Mongelli, Lou
Moore, Billy
Robinson, John
Shipley, Oscar
Smith, Chris
Smith, Matt
Taormina, Mark
White, Moose
Sanchez, Dan
Manager Weber, Mark
Dee, Terence
Delio, Arnold

This team added Dan Sanchez late in the offseason to round out a solid 'A' team.  They won't be backing down from anyone and should compete in the midwest tournaments on their schedule.  I'm a big fan of Neil Haglund, John Robinson, and Moose White and I think this team can finish .500 against Conference opponents with a "building for the future" mentality in the back of their minds.

#14 The Scene/A.J.S./Easton/D2E (A)
#6   Eric Johnson  -infield
#00 Mark Dennis   -EH/C
#8   Shay Cooper   -infield
#20 Carey Luke    -infield
#12 Will Watson   -outfield
#27 Brad Barowsky -pitcher
#2   Ryan Parfitt  -outfield
#06 Joel Ramos    -infield
#18 Jose Santiago -inf
#5   Blake Williams-outfield
#19 Matt Arlett   -Outfield
#7   Mike Westfall

       Scott Zaciewski – Infield
#1   Aaron Willis  -infield
Sponsor-Tony Albicocco-The Scene
Coaches-Tony Albicocco
Coach-Pete Campbell
Coach-Danny Brennan 

Pete Campbell and the rest of this sponsorship group try to piece together a competitive 'A' team after AJS won the 'B' World last season and their roster was completely raided with their players being scattered across most of the Conference for 2011. 

Look for them to compete as always, pull some upsets and lay the foundation for a successful 2012 season.

#15 Doerflinger Software/TSC/Pro-Coat/Combat (B)
Coach: Strojan Kennison
Asst. Manager/Sponsor: Ric Doerflinger
Asst. Coach: Tim McQuery
Robert Sena – P
Cal Ford – 1B/OF
Joey Smith – OF
Julio Salazar – 3B
Aaron Martinez – M-Inf
Brian Plenkovich – OF
Jared Goetz – M-Inf
Wes Archie – C/EH
Daniel Van Daele – C/1B
Brian Munson – OF
Sean Bagley – M-Inf
Shawn Pederson – M-Inf/OF
Jack Weaver – P/Inf
Frankie Griffin – Utility
Josh Fulton – Utility

Doerflinger is the top ranked 'B' team in my opinion.  A nice blend of Conference experience, defense, power, and pitcher Robert Sena.

#16 Blitz/Weller/Watanabe/MAB/Easton (B)
Chris Ashley
Jimmy Carter
Butch Castor
Wally Estes
Robbie Grinestaff
Frank Gruber
Jon Jamison
Richie Jones
David Kessler
Rob Menke
Tony Payne
Jason Roesch
Michael Rogers
Jayson Scott
Brad Tabler
Mark Urbain
Larry Wert

A lot has changed in the 'B' division for 2011 except for Blitz.  I'm not sure thats a good thing but they should be solid enough to have a shot at the 'B' World.  They added Dan Smith pitcher Mark Urbain and AJS outfielder David Kessler among some other non-conference pickups.

#17 Sonny's/Beacon/Sidelines/Cowboys (B)
Danny Lopez
Alexis Ramirez
Wes Keller
Matt Overman
Jeremy Davis
Mario Granados
Chente Granados
Tyson Steele
Charles Cunningham
Kevin Ballard
Westy Guill
Brian Faria
Sammy Christensen
Sonny Pilcher
Manny Liriano

Sonny's has some big name players and 'B' World runner up pitcher Danny Lopez.  This team was built to win the 'B' World and may very well do so but look for some bumps in the road in Conference play.

#18 Gold's Gym (B)
Perry Hensley
Kelly Hartman
Trey Palacol
Matt John
Jake Mays
Preston Spurlin
Rob Brantzeg
John McGavic
Cody Brooks
Clay Smitherman
Scott Short
Brandon Watson
Corey Butcher

My new favorite team in the 'B' division led by veteran pitcher Perry Hensley, major list player Kelly Hartman, and Preston Spurlin and the offense of Trey Palacol and Clay Smitherman mixed with some young and energetic players who think hustle and defense first.  This could be the right combination and will be entertaining nevertheless.

#19 Fencebrokers/Game Time Supply/Worth (B)
Zach Keene
Chris Walker
Lance Smith
Chad Walker
Brandon Bates
Brock McCorkle
Robert Stewart
Matt Pennington
Chris Cope
Jason Bridges
Brad Wallace
Nick Aldridge
Manny Reynolds
Scott Morrison
Coach Joey Powell
Coach Mike Wilson

They said they weren't coming back after their incredible run at the Major but here they are, sort of.  FBI is basically a completely new team made up of veteran Arkansas players and I see enough names on their roster to say they have a nice 'B' division team and with less expectations this year will probably finish top 5 at the 'B'.

#20 RFC/Hub's Pub/Syndicate (B)
Dustin Boone
James Butterfield
Christopher Carney
Thad Eagan
Jarrett Enright
Zachary Eubank
Adrian Gascon
Wayne Habermehl
Justin Hall
Brandon Hubbard
Scott Hubbard
Tim Jones
Brad Kessler
Kenny Leach
Mitch Loomis
Kevin Lucas
Nicholas Sheahon

This is a mix of the Hubs Pub and RFC 'B' teams from 2010.  Most of these guys have paid their dues in the Conference and have learned to win which makes a difference.  The sheer amount of top quality 'A' and Major teams though will make it hard for 'B' teams to have great seasons.  Realistic expectations for most of these 'B' teams is to go .500 in Conference play and the ones that perform the best will slip into the last spots at the World Series.

#21 Turano/Angle Inn/Sports 55/LB (B)
Dave Garcia
Shaw Cambridge
Chris Montenegro
Tom Paturzo
Greg Zambrana
Greg Rush
Dave Lorh
John Turano
Derek Avellaneda
Rob Sherman
Tim Riley
Ronnie Wilson
Doug Ruble
Bill Foos
William Foos Sr
Eric Byrum
Rick Lilly
Butch Cummings manager

This team has a bunch of the ex-ABS players – Montenegro, Paturzo, Riley, and Wilson, along with AJS utility man Dave Garcia, and part time Taylormade picher Eric Byrum.  Another stick  like say a Mark Dennis from the now folded Wood Law team, and another pitcher like Bill Honeycutt or Mike Kalinowski would bump this team to the top of the 'B' division.  Of course there are a number of names on this roster I know nothing about.

#22 Bullshippers (B)
Justin Ayers
Benny Bard
Tommy Bilger
Ryan Fant
Brian Garner
Chad Hinkle
Steve Hower
Nate Lapp
Donnie Meyett, Jr
Matt Mills
Craig Ruppert
Mike Santmyer
Darryl Swimm
Adam Warfield
Mike Wilson

From #22 Bulshippers down in this rankings list I have to confess I really don't know enough about these teams.  Bulshippers will most likely start out very slow knowing that they are not as USSSA experienced as they need to be.

#23 Victory/Demarini/TYJA (B)
Rodney Munoz
Aaron Ingram       
Sean Boldt       
Travis Thurmond   
David Nowak       
Ron Ayola       
Brian Lang       
Mike Cervantes                   
Greg Barrios       
Mike Calise                   
Alexander Montano

This is a good 'B' team from the west.  They compete very well with the 'B' division teams.  I think they need to get used to the long and tiring games that they will need to play against the higher level teams in order to compete.  Every inning of every game you have to bring your best.  I was pleasantly surprised in Vegas at this teams abilities.

#24 Down2Earthsports.Com/Worth (B)
Andrew Dubberly – Manager
Brandon Connell
Carlton Griffin
Jesse Scott
Johnathon Scott
Larkin Grant
Lee Payne
Matt Tindell
Sean Greer
Shaun Bridger
Todd Hilton
Leslie Griffis

D2E is one of SoftballCenter's biggest supporters but I have to admit I know next to nothing about this team.  We will take a closer look at the Hall of Fame tournament and report back.  My gut feeling is that they will struggle, particularly on baseball fields.

#25 AZM/Cartel (B)
Mike Tarwater – IF
Marcus Henninger – IF/P
Lance Quaney – IF
Ken Tracy – IF
Brian Knight – IF/DH
Chris Barton – P
Aaron Bair – OF
Nick Sansone – IF/C
John Doerfler – OF
Joey Perez – OF/EH
Michael Thompson – IF
Shaun Sullivan – OF
Ron Sartin Jr. – EH
Ron Sartin – Coach/Sponsor
Terry Blaker – Coach
Mike Thompson – Coach

A long season ahead for this team.  They are a threat in those west coast tournaments but hopefully they stick it out and build for the future.  A welcome addition to the Conference for sure however.

#26 MidWest/Miken (B)
OF Todd Mazzier
1B Andy Mazzier
SS Mike Noonan
M  Jason Krack
OF Cody Gilbert
2B Kenny Geiersbach
P  Brent Sharon
3B Ricky Potter
EH Craig Morrison
U  Ryan Smith
3B Mike Hall
OF Justin Sterling
OF Evan Gallmeier
OF Kevin Roeder
Coach Tracy Flack

This team took its lumps last year in the Conference.  Lets hope that pays off this year.

#27 Gas It/Lewis Lawn Service/Easton (B)
Jason Gilfillan
Blaine Bolin
Shannon Leonhart
Brandon Jonas
Aaron Guido
Daren Hunter
Steven Mcginnis
Matt Lloyd
Zack Dellinger
Raul Cardenas
Bradley Clark
Kevin Jones
Joshua Fisher – Manager

Like Midwest Swing, this team can take another step towards the top of the 'B' division.

#28 Texas Miken (B)
David Wayne Ayo
Chad Brooks
Kevin Cooper
Raymond Cowart
Larry Cross
Kerry Doan
Vernon Laird
Andrew Lee
Jonathan Lenz
Jeff Mccoy
Nick Mitschke
Ryan Riddle
Keith Taylor
Matthew Wyatt

Looks like they are taking care of the 'B' division in Texas.  What will happen when Conference tournament play begins?  Your right, I have no idea either.

#29 Magic/National Gold/S&S/TYJA (B)
Mike Andrews
Jay Arraiol
Chris Carr
James Giguere
Eric Gibree
Derek Hall
John Redihan
Jeff LaHair
John Willis
Frank Naugler
Brad Yankee
Joe Venturini
Jeff Silveira
Mike McGoogan
Scott Sunderland
John Hickey

Magic is back in the Conference and in my opinion they have some unfinished business there.  Time for this team to make a splash.

#30 DMC Softball / Resmondo Sports (B)
Richie French
Levi Wright
Shawn Wrinkle
Jeff Smith
Skip Wiley
Justin Clark
Barry Fentiman
Al Kennon
Blaine Barth
Gene Funke
Eric Lewey
Greg Nejelski
Will Dooley
Bob Hankins
Manager/Coach = Dave Meyer

I am a big fan of Richie French and the way he plays the game on both sides of the ball.  The rest of his team should take note and follow suit or it will be a long year.

#31 Clutch/Savesecond.com/GKITravel.com (B)
Michael Barton
Greg Collette
Joshua Davault 
Cody Duncan 
Clint Felts 
Brandon Goodwin 
David Jimenez 
Ryan Kunz 
Timothy Myers 
Logan Nelson 
Joel Pena 
Jake Pitt 
Chris Pucci 
Jared Ridge 
Heath Souders 
Stuart Therrien

Another team I don't know much about.  I'm thinking this team could improve with some of Wood Law fallout.

#32 PrimeTime/Easton (B)
Rashard Brown
Earl Bryant
Chivas Clark
Everette Daniels
Lee Daniels
Dennis Davison
Leonard Dean
Chad Folsom
Curtis Freeman
Carlos Garvin
Ronald Grace
Chris Gray
Anthony Holmes
Chris Holt
Scott Janack
Ty Mingle
David Morrow
Damien Smith
Nekeyma Wright

I have always been a fan of Primetime and Pace.  This team has always struggled though in Conference play.  They have some good talent though and hopefully some new players that would bump up their ranking.  We'll find out soon.

#33 Pace / Big Daddy's Sports / TPS (B)
Cedric Allen
John Anderson
Eddie Conover 
Sanduan Dubose 
Dytarius Edwards 
Shaun Fleming 
Terrance Holland 
Demetrus Hornesburger 
Peter Hypolite
Keith LaGree 
Andre Newhouse 
Willard Oneal 
Nelson Santos
Jeff Smith 
William Weakly 
Bobby Williams

This team looks very similar to the 2007 team that I watched play decent at the World Series that year.  Its been awhile but if they can shake off the rust and some of the new players are stars they can leap frog most of the 'B' division.

#34 T's 13 (B)
Brad Guenther
Troy Cloyd
Cory Barnes
Jason Cvejdlik
Nick Shaw
Jared Babbitt
Ryan Regenold
Billy Kugler
Todd Newton
Ryan Parker
Shannon Arnold
Charlie Casella
Justin Martel
Jaimey Holdorf
Rock Petersen Coach
Terry Petersen Sponsor

I liked the T's 13 that played 'B' worlds last year and it looks like they may have improved some.

#35 Line Drive/Triple SSS (C)
Jason Ford
Charlie Anderson
Thomas Luna
Quentin Collins
Michael Haisenleder
Brian Ward
Brian Blay
Richard Davis
Daniel Evans
Ryan Ford
Shannan Green
Don Sikora
Ronald Thompson
Bryan Weeks
Andrew Wojcik

This team should actually be ranked #22 but you know me and my classification ranking rules.  They are off to a great start after Las Vegas and should perform well in the midwest tournaments.  Plenty of Conference experience here.

#36 Peak Contracting / L3 Screen Printing / TLG (C)
Nick Ballantine
Jamie Belt
Jack Bowker
Phil Dunker
Gabe Duran
Kevin Graham
Josh Payton
Scott Kiernan
Paul Murray
Nick Runstadler
Scott Bentley
Steve Garcia
Matt Sysko
Kevin Watkins
Anthony Wehr

Peak is younger than in the past and there is some potential there.

#37 BWW/Buzinisports.com/Baden Sports (C)
Rudy Thompson  Inf
Dudley Waldrop  Utl
Cody Childress  Of
Eric Patten  Inf
Jeremy Moreau  Of
Brock White  Inf
Stan Wilson  Inf
Brady Bascle  Of
Tjay Busin  Inf
Steven Gentry  Inf
Kyle Wilks  Inf
JD Massey  Utl
Justin Stuart  Of
Brooks Bryan  Of
Shane Pullen  Utl
Donald Plaisance  P
Michael Whitlow  Inf
Arlie Walters
Jeff Lohrmann
Mike Graves
Keith Robinson

Tough year for this Conference newcomer but kudos for stepping up.

#38 Wheelhouse Sports / Reebok (C)
Daryl "Juice" Beard
Paul Blakey
Jeff Bobyack
Shane Coston
Heath Franks
Abel Gonzalez
Bob Jacobs
Jeff Jacobs
Scott Jacobs
Matthew Jaggar
Carroll Lewis
Josh "Cali" Lindstrom
Matt Michael
Brogan Stittleburg
Will Weakley

Nowhere but up for this team after taking one on the chin in 2010.  I love the perseverance though.

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