Tuesday May 22nd, 2018

2011 Peach State Shootout (Atlanta) Tournament Preview

"Peach State Shootout" Atlanta – Major Preview

Atlanta Bracket Link

This will be my first trip to the Atlanta Major which will start this Saturday morning, May 28th in Marietta, Georgia.   I know they have 5 fields around 300 feet and the fields usually play a little "short".   With no Friday night games on the schedule the 'C' teams may not have as many upsets as we have witnessed in the last couple of Conference Tournamenst as the Conference ball tends to go a little soft during the day games in the heat.

Team breakout:  24 Teams:  2-Major,  6-A,  5-B,  8-C,  3-D and 12 are from Conference USSSA.

I will again attempt to livestream the Saturday night winner's bracket championship game at 10 PM and the games on Sunday.   Hopefully this time I will have working audio.   Although at the time of this writing I have not received permission from the Atlanta director to put up a web cam yet.

Saturday May 28 Thunderstorms possible 87° Lo 67°
Sunday   May 29 Mostly sunny and warm 88° Lo 67°

In the top half of the bracket I'll take Darkside over The Scene.   It will be interesting to see if Dirty Sanchez can pitch for Darkside after being hit in the wrist two weeks ago in Indiana.   The Scene's roster has been depleted some with the loss of third baseman Scott Zaciewski to Laser Vision, center fielder Ryan Parfitt to Darkside, and middle infielder Steve Whaley to Midwest Swing.   Regardless of what The Scene puts out on the field it is usually a good team although I know they are in need of an infielder for this weekend if anyone out there is available you can email me at dw@softballcenter.com or post on the message board and I will pass your information along.

I'll take the red hot Team 454 to beat Darkside in the 3rd round.   Also Team Combat/Pharmapar to beat Famous, who may not get by Gas It.   For that matter is there even still a Famous team?   I am not sure after last week but I have a feeling they will show up.   Lets hope everyone on the Famous team cleared the air with each other and they get back to playing top notch softball like they did in Las Vegas.

To go to the finals I'll take Team 454 over Combat/Pharmapar.

In the 2nd half of a very good bracket I'll take Suncoast over Shoppe.   Both Suncoast and Shoppe have to get by Primetime and OI Livingston which should happen but isn't a guarantee by any means.   In the bottom part of this area of the bracket I'll take Taylormade over Down2Earth.   Of course D2E is playing on their home turf so this game should be a coin toss with the winner losing to GTL in the 3rd round.

In the finals I'll take the no brainer GTL over Suncoast.

I'll pick GTL to win the tournament (no surprise there) with Shoppe second, Team 454 third, and Suncoast in 4th.

It should be interesting to see who this Florida non-conference 'B' team called Blocker's is?  Anyone know?

  [CT] DARKSIDE/TYJA/EASTON                  
[FL] THE SCENE/A.J.S./EASTON/D2E Sat 9:30 AM Fd 3   (9                    
Sat 8:00 AM Fd 3   (1                      
[GA] DRIVE BY RELOADED   Sat 4:00 PM Fd 1   (25                  
  [VA] TEAM 454 EMERALD/WORTH                  
[FL] BLOCKERS/EASTON Sat 11:00 AM Fd 3   (10                    
Sat 8:00 AM Fd 2   (2                      
[GA] SOFTBALL EXPRESS     Sat 8:30 PM Fd 5   (37                
[SC] GAS IT/EASTON/LEWIS LAWN CARE Sat 9:30 AM Fd 1   (11                    
Sat 8:00 AM Fd 1   (3                      
[GA] NOUVEAU SOFTBALL   Sat 4:00 PM Fd 5   (26                  
[FL] UNIQUE Sat 11:00 AM Fd 2   (12                    
Sat 8:00 AM Fd 4   (4                      
[GA] LINEDRIVE       Sat 10:00 PM Fd 3   (43              
  [FL] SUNCOAST REEBOK                  
[GA] PRIMETIME/EASTON Sat 11:00 AM Fd 1   (13                    
Sat 8:00 AM Fd 5   (5                      
[TN] ATHLETIC SHOP/AMYCO/WORTH   Sat 4:00 PM Fd 4   (27                  
  [TN] SHOPPE / TEAM TPS / D2E / ELIT                  
[AL] OI LIVINGSTON Sat 11:00 AM Fd 4   (14                    
Sat 9:30 AM Fd 4   (6                      
[GA] CAROLINA DYNASTY     Sat 8:30 PM Fd 3   (38                
  [GA] DOWN2EARTHSPORTS.COM/WORTH                  
[VA] TAYLORMADE/TM SPORTS/MIZUNO Sat 11:00 AM Fd 5   (15                    
Sat 9:30 AM Fd 5   (7                      
[GA] DRIFTWOOD   Sat 4:00 PM Fd 3   (28           Sun 11:00 AM Fd 4   (46        
  [WA] GTL CARTEL/DEMARINI                  
[FL] WILEY'S/SUPREME/COMBAT Sat 12:30 PM Fd 3   (16                    
Sat 9:30 AM Fd 2   (8                      
[GA] MAJOR LEAGUE/D2E           L-43        

Sat 12:30 PM Fd 2   (17     Sat 7:00 PM Fd 1   (33     Sat 10:00 PM Fd 2   (41     Sun 9:30 AM Fd 3   (45     Sun 12:30 PM Fd 4   (47      
  Sat 5:30 PM Fd 1   (29                    
Sat 12:30 PM Fd 1   (18       Sat 8:30 PM Fd 2   (39                
Sat 12:30 PM Fd 4   (19     Sat 7:00 PM Fd 2   (34       Sun 8:00 AM Fd 3   (44            
  Sat 5:30 PM Fd 2   (30                    
Sat 12:30 PM Fd 5   (20         L-38       L-46    
Sat 2:00 PM Fd 2   (21     Sat 7:00 PM Fd 4   (35     Sat 10:00 PM Fd 4   (42              
  Sat 5:30 PM Fd 4   (31                    
Sat 2:00 PM Fd 3   (22       Sat 8:30 PM Fd 4   (40                
Sat 2:00 PM Fd 4   (23     Sat 7:00 PM Fd 3   (36                  
  Sat 5:30 PM Fd 5   (32                    
Sat 2:00 PM Fd 5   (24                      

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