Monday May 21st, 2018

2008 Conference USSSA Recap Part 2

Team by team for the "B" Championships

1st Place Team Bud Light/Easton (Conf-B from Canton, Michigan)
Conference Championship Record 5-0
2008 Overall Record 37-26
Wins – MFAB[b], Blitz[b], Angle Inn[b], Taylormade[b]

Team Bud Light played near perfect ball for the first time this year. Billy Barrett and Todd Pease led the team. The defense stepped up in the finals and they played well on the stadium field. Bud Light outscored their opponents 118-74 enroute to a 5-0 record. Congratulations to Bud Light who moves to 16th in this weeks SoftballKingdom rankings although they are playing like a top 10 team right now for sure.

Team Bud Light's powerhitting first baseman Todd Pease got the offense going with a blast out of the stadium field in the "B" Championship game

Team Bud Light's Billy Barrett was lacing line drive's all over the yard

2nd Place Blitz/Watanabe/Bull/Minges Drywall (Conf-B from Cincinnati, Ohio)
Conference Championship Record 3-2
2008 Overall Record 45-19
Wins – Angle Inn[b], MFAB[b], Line Drive[b]
Losses – Team Bud Light[b]

Blitz lost a heated battle with Bud Light in the flight part of the tournament on Friday night 31-27. Benches cleared at one point when the middle was being hit hard although nothing physical happened. Blitz had a nice win over Line Drive to make it to the finals at the Stadium Sunday morning. In the championship it took Blitz to long to score their first run and they never recovered.

Jimmy Carter hit two backside homers over the left field wall in the championship game to try to get Blitz going.

Tied for 3rd Place Linedrive/SSS/Pole Position Auto Body/Butchs (Conf-B from Sterling Hts, MI
Conference Championship Record 3-1
2008 Overall Record 41-18
Wins – Canes[b], Taylormade[b], 365 Fitness[b]
Losses – Blitz[b]

Linedrive swept through their flight bracket 3-0 with a highlite thumping of Taylormade 18-2. Then on Saturday in the first round of the final four they lost to Blitz.

Linedrive tablesetter Mike Haisenleder

Tied for 3rd Place Taylormade/Floye Environmental/Mizuno (Conf-B from Spotsylvania, Virginia)
Conference Championship Record 2-2
2008 Overall Record 37-18
Wins – 365 Fitness[b], Canes[b]
Losses – Linedrive[b], Team Bud Light[b]

Taylormade 3rd Baseman Brent Haywood made this play from his knees

Other Teams in the "B" Bracket:

Mike Foulk's Auto Body/Team Insanity (Conf-B from Union, Kentucky)
Conference Championship Record 3-2
2008 Overall Record 43-21
Wins – Angle Inn[b], Canes[b]
Losses – Team Bud Light[b], Blitz[b]

Mike Foulk's missed the final four but won the Consolation bracket with an impressive come from behind victory over Angle Inn in the bottom of the seventh. MFAB ends up with a winning record and should have a boost in confidence going into the "B" Worlds. Centerfielder Corey Hogle came up with the game winning hit on an infield single against Angle Inn. He was also Angles nemesis in an earlier game when he had an inside the park homer and 3 triples in a 34-10 victory.

MFAB's Roger Drake playing a deep short

Angle Inn/Easton (Conf-B from Glen Burnie, Maryland)
Conference Championship Record 1-4
2008 Overall Record 26-19
Wins – 365 Fitness[b]
Losses – Team Bud Light[b], MFAB[b], Blitz[b]

Angle Inn finished second in the Consolation tournament. There isn't a whole lot of momentum surrounding this team at the moment.

Angle Inn's John Robinson celebrates a grand slam homerun on the Stadium field. John hit this bomb off the light pole in left centerfield at 8:30 AM Sunday morning. At the banquet Saturday night he told me he was going to hit a bomb, and he did it.

365 Fitness/Easton (Conf-B from Greenbria, Arkansas)
Conference Championship Record 1-3
2008 Overall Record 42-18
Wins – Canes[b]
Losses – Taylormade[b], Linedrive[b], Angle Inn[b]

365 Fitness slugger Kirk Stafford blows one out

Canes/Worth (Conf-B from Phoenix, Arizona)
Conference Championship Record 0-4
2008 Overall Record 28-31
Losses – 365 Fitness[b], Line Drive[b], Taylormade[b], Angle Inn[b]

Canes looked like a completely different team this past weekend. Some new players, players playing out of position and their main offensive presence Dexter Avery missing (he was with the military team I believe).

Canes right fielder Kathem Martin attempts to rob a 365 Fitness homerun

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